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Business Guide Series: Start Up or Shut Up


So you want to start your own t-shirt & accessories company? My Start Up or Shut Up guide gives you EVERYTHING that you need to get started for $50 or less. I literally spill ALL the tea that none of your favorite t-shirt companies would dream of telling you!  In my short but very detailed course guide, you’ll learn:

•  the BEST e-commerce platforms to use to get started

• how to get designs for your new business (even if you’re not a skilled designer yourself)

• several vendor options so that you won’t have to be responsible for inventory OR shipping (remember, the GOAL is to keep you at a start up cost or less than $50)

• engaging and growing your social media audience

• legitimizing your business with an EIN and trademarking + details on starting a business bank account

• the best way to price your items so that you make money from the beginning

• and SO much more

I don’t just tell you what you can do, but I also show you by offering real receipts from my back office showing my (former) brand’s six figure sales. Don’t let anyone make you believe that it’s not worth the effort.

The information shared in my course guide isn’t left over information that I don’t use. It’s the same information used to build my previous AND current brand (oh, and a few of your favorite t-shirt brands use these same details to crank out tees on a regular basis).


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