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Ultimate Fitness Vendor Bundle




If you’re looking to start a high quality fitness brand at a low cost, then this bundle is for you!


Bundle includes:

1 weight loss supplements vendor

1 waist trainer/sweat belt vendor

1 fitness gear vendor


Note that each vendor offers more products than what’s listed here. The supplements vendor offers products for sleep, CBD, hair growth, and much more. The waist trainer vendor offers shapewear, sweat gels/creams, full sauna suits, and much more. The fitness gear vendor offers knee wraps, leather (lifting) belts, workout gloves, resistance bands, and much more. All vendors will also create custom products that are specific to YOUR brand. You can also order samples to ‘test’ products before doing full purchases!

What you’ll receive: ONE vendor contact (company communicates via WhatsApp)

Additional deets: company offers low minimums, customized labeling, sample order requests.

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Important: Please note that all guides from the business guide series and vendors contain DIGITAL items only. You will not be mailed a physical copy of your purchase. You will receive your copy via email after successful payment completion. PLEASE DOWNLOAD AND SAVE via desktop or laptop.  Link expires after 45 days. If an item needs to be resent after purchase, a convenience fee of $20 will be assessed. NO EXCEPTIONS! Item is not to be redistributed or copied under ANY circumstances. Non refundable. Thank you.


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